LOVE AND THE COMMUNITY exhibition project

curator: Kwan Sheung Chi, Wong Wai Yin
participating artists: ahShing+ChukChuk, Dong+Sum, Frog King+Queen, Yan+Yan, Karden+Damon, Wilson+Grace

date: feb building up towards valentine to mar, ending before all fools’ day
presenter/venue: Wooferten, 404 shanghai street, yaumatei
partners: HongKongArtsDiscoveryChannel, We-er
backing: HongKongArtsDevelopmentCouncil

Enquiry: 3485-6499

Series I of Wooferten Open Dialogue Series, Love and Community is lead by newly wedded artists couple Kwan Sheung Chi, Doris Wong Wai Yin, and lend the valentine atmosphere to spread love across the neighborhood, inviting pairs of lovers to provide different artistic activities for the community.

We will have for example the Off-school Love Experiment for students to participate, so as for them to earn their Other Learning Experience, community via love, or love via community. There will also be Forever Love Song 2011 CD (while stock last!), complied by a pair of young activist lovers, while the long standing Frog King and Queen will be caught in the act of art-making, serving food for thoughts.
Movie tickets, couple seat, of valentine night too, will be given give away for to encourage anyone first dating. Other than that, we will also invite a post 80s couple Yan+Yan to do series of protest in the name of love.
Group We-er will have their interactive performance, capturing their intimacy in our window showcase. On the other hand, Karden+Damon will lead a workshop crossover orgami, sticker, with diy personal diary and public space graffiti. 
Last but not least, we have invited heavy weight artist Wilson Shik and community art projector initiator Grace Cheng to generate their unique artistic child for the community of Wooferten.

To coincident with our love and community, c&g monthly treat will be handing out condoms on 17 feb, Chinese Valentine Day.

To catch up with all these activities, stay tune to our